There are a lot of dog lovers out there these days, myself included. However, one thing that I have come to find is that most people are loyal, or at least tend to be partial to, a specific breed. Mine?

Great Danes!

Most people assume Great Danes are sought after just because of their enormous size and stature (Yes, they tend to be rather hefty). Though that's not the main reason why I LOVE this breed. Aside from being mildly physically gompy, they are extremely loyal companions. This breed never wants to leave your side, like ever. If you're going to sit on the pot, they're either coming in with you, or whining outside the door until you're 'done your business'.

Rambo, now almost 9 months old, is the second Dane I have had, and I wouldn't trade him for anything. He is loyal, compassionate and pays extremely close attention to my 6 year old son, Evan. He's the friendliest body-guard you'll ever meet. However, if anyone in the household were to be threatened, he also possesses the size necessary to immobilize you. These, along with so many other reasons, is why I am true to my breed, Great Danes.

What's your breed of choice? And why do you love them so much?