I saw a post from the Augusta Food Bank on Facebook. It said “they are low on spaghetti sauce and Shaw's is having a pretty good deal on it". The Augusta Food Bank asked "could you pick up a couple jars next time you're there? “I know that being low on items is an issue for just about all food banks. Just keep that in mind when you shopping, if you see a great deal, seize it! Your local food bank can use it.

Now, back to the Shaw’s deal the Augusta Food Bank pointed out. If you buy 10 participating Red Pack Tomato or Spaghetti sauce (on sale 10 for $10), and use your rewards card, you instantly save $4, making your total $6.00, and making each jar of sauce just $.60! Grocery stores have some great deals to help bring you in to the store. By keeping an eye on those you can stock your own shelves and help out your community.