I am passionate about a few things in life, one of which is fighting drug abuse. On the heals of the celebrity death of Chris Kelly a.k.a "Mac Daddy" from Kris Kross I think it's time for the soapbox again.

Look my fight isn't really with pot it's with the harsher stuff. To be honest I think if pot were legal people would use legal sellers.

Drugs like heroin, cocaine/crack and meth, kill and if a person is lucky drugs just control their spending and behavior. If a person is high or looking for a hit, they are more apt to rob, be violent and engage in risky behavior like driving under the influence, mixing drugs to dealing or selling themselves for the next fix. Any and all of this can land a person in jail because they were controlled a substance. Even worse, some people who have gone too and hopelessly deep have committed suicide.

I don't know what this type of addiction is like and can't really relate for the exception of quitting smoking, so to say more and to hand out real advice would be useless. Just stay away from drugs, and if you are addicted to a substance and it's ruining your life, get help.

I have a cousin out west who just completed a 60 day treatment program for an addiction and I hope the very best for him as he moves forward. He looks to be doing very well. Some aren't so lucky like those stars you read about dying because of overdoses or suicide.

Here are a few links that may help you or someone you know.