So I tend to have weird dreams. Some people would say dreams are usually weird to an extent...but no...I have people tell me my dreams are weird. No one can say for sure why dream. Some say they are nonsense wanderings of our subconscious mind...or they could very well be imperative to our emotional, mental and physical well being. However, some others think that our dreams are trying to tell us something. Going with the later...what do some really weird dreams mean?

Well I'm asking you, what you're interpretation is while providing a general meaning to some 'symbols' in the dream.

Dreamscape: The Fishdog

I was ice fishing with my boyfriend, his mom and a group of friends. It was cold but our bodies were warm from laughing and the marshmallow snowsuits. One of the guys yelled "FLAG!"

We all looked over and lucky for me it was one of my traps!

I waddled as fast as I could over and started to reel up my fish but it was too strong for me. My boyfriend started reeling it for me while I grabbed the net. The fish was HUGE and didn't look like any fish I recognized. It was bigger than the hole so it was difficult to pull up but we got it into the net to see the behemoth. It was about 4 feet long, eel-like but with large fins and a hard, almost beaky nose (a mini, togue-like, fringe shark thing). My boyfriend said that the nose was like a protective casing and needed to be broken of to reveal the actual face. The problem was the fish wouldn't stop moving, it was so squirmy and slimy the best we could do was jump around it to prevent it from going back in the hole.

We finally knocked it out. We broke the nose off. It woke up and started squirming again and as it squirmed it grew legs, and got shorter. Still fish-like in everywhere except for the legs AND it could breath on land. From everyone's reaction this was a rare but not entirely impossible event. My boyfriend and I decide to take it home. The longer we had the fishdog the more dog-like (in behavior) it became. It never grew fur, but the skin did dry so I guess now it resembled a dinosaur.

The last part of my dream I remember, i was laying on the couch, called the fish over and it laid it's head on my lap. I woke up...told my boyfriend about the dream and he asked, "Can we name him Charles Darwin?"

With all that being you think my fishdog dream could mean...other than I'm weird?