When I worked for a chain convenience store way back in the day we had three basic rules when selling alcohol. Don’t sell alcohol to someone’s who is intoxicated, don’t sell outside of legal hours and don’t sell to anyone under 21. To my knowledge, I had never broken anyone of the three rules. Twenty-two out of 80 Portland stores did break the rule of selling to minors.

I’m 41 years old, and even today when I buy an age restricted product, I always get carded. I’m not sure why 22 stores were so lax in their practices.

Portland Police last weekend during a compliance check at 80 stores, found 22 that broke the law and sold to people under 21.

There were a few chain locations that were busted but over all most places were locally owned and operated.

And now it is time for the opinion portion of my post. When we were young it was a different era. Yes most of my friends and I had a few drinks underage but society didn’t know then what we do now. That being said I also feel if you can die for your country you should be able to have a beer.

The law is the law and 21 means 21 but if you could change the age to 18 would you?