I hung out with some great people tonight and only one witnessed, "the accident." I'll get to that. All I can say is thank goodness I wasn't surrounded by ardent fans (laugh here) or "the accident" would have been all the more painful. But, about E-ZPass...

My ole buddy Dan Morin, along with Erin from the Maine Turnpike Authority, were at the West Gardiner Service Plaza tonight talking with people about the benefits of E-ZPass and letting them sign up on one of several computers set up inside. Pretty sweet deal, too, because Mary from Starbucks was there handing out chocolate cinnamon cake and free coffee was available. Heck, just a free cup of Starbucks coffee will offset the $10 price of an E-ZPass transponder for your windshield!

Hey, if you want to sign up, click on E-ZPass at MaineTurnpike.com. Go ahead, click the link. I'm not gonna do it for ya! Well, if you want to email me your debit card number with expiration date and three digit code, I will. Promise!

Anyway, the program will pay for itself over and over again once you sign onto it. Take a minute and do it. You'll NEVER regret it. I mean it. Well, unless you enjoy fishing for change and sitting in long holiday lines waiting for others to fish for change. In that case, I take it back. E-ZPass isn't for you.

Okay...so I go out after the broadcast to get the speaker off the roof of the van. To do so, I need to get on the rear bumper. Only I keep forgetting, I suck at climbing and I'm a klutz. So up I go and down I come....hard. Thought I broke my arm and got a concussion. I guess I did neither but, if you don't hear me in the morning, assume that's why.

After tonight's fall on the pavement, I realize there are two phrases I never want to hear again because I've heard them all too often in my life. One is from inside my head and one is from another person. The first one I hear, internally, is, "this is going to hurt." The next one I hear is, "are you ok?" I'm over it. Goodnight. I'm taking a couple of Advil and hopefully, I'll wake up in time for the show.