We don’t get to experience earthquakes all that much on the east coast, but we sure did on Tuesday night. When we do have an earthquake it seem like everyone feels it. For that, you can blame geology. Experts say the region's geology can make the effects felt in an area up to 10 times larger than quakes of similar size on the West Coast.
 I remember years ago being at 92Moose and feeling the building shake. Everyone thought I was crazy! I was not; I just was the only one who felt it that day. There have been many. There was a good size quake in the summer of 2011 near Washington DC. That one did some damage and was felt all over the east coast. This one was in southern Maine as was felt all over New England. Now it makes sense on why when an earthquake happens many states away, we feel it and vice-versa. It is our geology that makes sure everyone gets in on the fun!