If you attended 'The Taste of Greater Waterville' last month, you're probably wondering what headliner Eddie Money has been up to since. Well, according to this new Geico commercial he's running his own travel agency — and he’s loving it.

The company is continuing its habit of coming up with silly and skewed ad campaigns that don’t involve cavemen or animated, talking lizards. Here, a family of four is sitting in from a desk when Eddie emerges from the inner office, reveals a couple of pieces of paper and begins singing the chorus to his hit ‘Two Tickets to Paradise.’

The family is confused. First, the father says, they’re leaving next month, not tonight. And, as the mother reminds him, they need four tickets, not two. But Money doesn’t pay them any mind, he goes right on singing. He's not the first musician they’ve snagged for their ads. In previous years, Little Richard, Burt Bacharach and the Pips have appeared in their spots.