Our summer vacation this year is a trip to Halifax, where I was raised for a few days, then we’re off to Edmundston, New Brunswick. We’re bringing my mother in-law and she is a first timer to Halifax. We’ll probably check out Peggy’s Cove, the downtown waterfront and drive by all of the places that meant something to me. For example my old schools, my childhood home, maybe a few work places too.

I have talked a lot about Halifax in previous posts but I do like Edmundston too, we always have good time there even though I can’t understand a word anyone is saying. Okay I kid sort of. I took French in school growing up and where we usually stay, they know English so we can understand each other. My wife’s extended family is from Edmundston. Her mother was raised there and Lynn’s cousins, Aunts, Uncles, etc. Edmundston reminds me a bit of Saint John where I took broadcasting. Saint John is considerably larger and more populated but both cities have similar landscapes.

Edmundston is a very rocky picturesque town across the river from Madawaska, ME. It smells like a paper mill but that’s okay because I don’t mind that smell, yeah I know I’m weird. I think of it as the smell of North American jobs and production. The Fraser Mill has mills on both sides of the border.

While in Edmundston, sometimes we go to town and shop, sometimes we hang out in the back yard and sometimes we go for rides either into Quebec or along the river and look at the US with homes lining the riverbank with flags flying. You’re so close to the USA but so far away without a passport. This is part of why I think the fairly new passport law is sad but there is more to the border than the quiet serene Saint John River. But I digress, the passport law, that’s an entry for another time.

I love the views you get from the top of the town of Edmundston. The city is on a hill and you can look right down the streets. Yes, it is a city with a population of 16,000. If you go there, they have a McDonald’s, Dairy Queen and a Tim Hortons or two. They have malls, local and big box stores as well. Edmundston has what you need except a Harvey’s. (Okay that last one, Harvey’s that was just for me)

One of my favorite landmarks or things about Edmundston is the river walk bridge pedestrian way. Could be romantic if it was just me and Lynn later in the evening but with three kids it’s a nice day out.

Always need to get a Jos. Louis or two, okay maybe 12. I have to be good though this time because of blood sugar levels, cholesterol, etc. Oh well. I’ll just have a fewer. Jos. Louis’ are like whoopee pies but chocolate coated, similar to a Little Debbie snack.

When we go to Edmundston from here in Central Maine, it usually takes about 6 to 7 hours. We normally cross either in Van Buren or Houlton. Not sure how long it will take coming from Halifax. Probably 8-9 hours? We’ll see. Less than three months away, I cannot wait. The pictures attached are from our family trip in April of 2009.