Friday, May 5th is Cinco De Mayo and is widely known as a celebration of Mexican-American culture filled with margaritas, tacos and tons of fun. You don't have to be Mexican to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, and you certainly don't have to be Mexican to enjoy the great food and drink from Mexico.

I asked my co-workers here at Townsquare Media Augusta/Waterville what their favorite places were to enjoy some great Mexican food and drink in Central Maine, and we have come up with these great local spots.

Lisa's Legit Burrito's Augusta and Gardiner

Lisa's has two stores in central Maine; one in downtown Augusta and one in downtown Gardiner and have some great Merxican food to try out. Check out their menu here


Margarita's Mexican Restaurant Western Avenue Augusta

Margarita's Augusta Facebook Page

You know Marg's is planning a big celebration when they have a timer counting down the hours and minutes until Cinco De Mayo on their website! Get there early Friday, because the place should be hopping. Check out their menu here.


El Pochos Mexican Grill Lewiston 

El Poco's Mexican Grill Facebook Page

I had never heard of this place, but one of my co-workers highly recommended this spot in Lewiston at 990 Lisbon Street. The food looks great and you can get more information by checking out their Facebook page.


El Camino Cantina Brunswick 

El Camino Cantina Facebook Page

An absolute must stop when in the mid coast area, this great Mexican restaurant is located on 15 Cushing Street in Brunswick and a favorite of many here at the radio stations. You can check out their menu and get more info on their website.


Lisa's Restaurant and Catering Augusta 

Lisa's restaurant Facebook Fan page

Located at 15 Bangor Street, Lisa's is the local's favorite hangout. Though not primarily a Mexican Restaurant, they do serve up some great Mexican food, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Lisa's will be hopping with many people celebrating on Cinco De mayo.


Cancun Mexican Restaurant Waterville 

Cancun Mexican Restaurant Facebook Page

Located at 14 Silver Street and one of my personal favorite spots to eat and have a Margarita in Central Maine, Cancun is gearing up for a big Cinco De mayo party on Friday. The food and drinks are awesome, and one of Maine's best bands, The Boneheads will be playing.


Pedro O'Hara's Lewiston and Brunswick 

Pedro O'Hara's Facbook page

Pedro's has two great spots to get your Mexican on. One in Lewiston at 134 Main Street and one in Brunswick at 1 Center Street. I have been to the one in Lewiston a few times and it features a great atmosphere, good food and drink, and lots of TV's in typical sports pub fashion. You can check out Pedro's menu here.


Buen Apetito Waterville 

Buen Apetito Facebook Page

Located at 4 Chaplin Street in Waterville, Buen Apetito has been a local favorite since it opened its doors in 1999. Burritos, enchiladas and other standard Mexican plates are the draw here. You can check out the menu on the Buen Apetito Facebook page.


Those are eight of our favorite spots to enjoy some great Mexican food, but certainly not the only places to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. What are yours? Feel free to comment on our Facebook page to let us know.

And as always, be safe if you are out partying. Always bring a designated driver or take a cab.