I just got to do the coolest thing, sit inside a race car. I was invited to the unveiling of the No. 6 Electricity Maine 'Power To Help' Pro Series stock car, which will race Saturday nights at Beech Ridge starting June 1st.

The car, driven by Chris Bowie, is a vehicle, both figuratively and literally to raise awareness and money for non-profits including helping the hungry and homeless. It is part of Electricity Maine's campaign, 'The Power To Help.' See this is why I am happy to be their customer. A) Electricity Maine is local, I'm happy knowing my money is going to a company located on Rodman Rd. in Auburn and not some out of state faceless power company. B) They give back to the community they serve. Think about switching or staying with Electricity Maine if for no other reason, they're local and help the community and not to mention you can save some money in the process. Recently 'The Power To Help' fund helped the Lewiston fire victims. Locals helping locals, there isn't much better than a philosophy like that.

The Electricity Maine Pro Series car can be seen this evening at the Lisbon Community Center at their spring movie event. Yes, the movie is 'Cars.' So again it's Lisbon tonight and Beech Ridge on Saturdays.