Election day is tomorrow. I pose a few of questions. Do celebrity endorsements influence your vote? I ask the other way as well, does a celebrity supporting a candidate or issue change how you feel about the celebrity and or artist?  Lastly, do you think celebrities should just stick to entertaining?

Cliff Kucine, Getty Images

For example Meatloaf supports Mitt Romney, Katy Perry is behind President Obama, Lady Gaga supports a "yes" vote on question 1 in Maine and similar  measures in three different states. I'm still confused about Clint Eastwood. Remember he interviewed the empty chair at the Republican convention?  Thirdly, I know stars will and I advocate for the right to speak, but do you think politics and entertainment mix? Some might say, just make hits and give me an escape from the signs, the ads and  the rhetoric, etc. Dixie Chicks have paid the price for speaking out. Ted Nugent, too. many others support agendas, Beyonce, Fun. Brad Pitt to name a few more. I could go on. I guess a bonus question, 'Do you think it affects a candidate to the good or bad to have a supporter from the entertainment industry?'