Kristina Wood, a friend and local mom, wondered if there was any way her son Ethan could come and check out the station sometime. See, he "steps up" from Tiger Cub Scout to Wolf this weekend, and he has not yet earned his communication badge.

"Bring him in to the Moose Morning Show," I suggested. "We aren't professionals, but he can earn his badge!"

Mon thought that was a good idea so we decided that Wednesday morning would be good!

Mind you, we never require gifts when we invite people in but, Ethan and his mom brought some anyway. Mac got a bag full of whoopie pies, Renee got some treats for her dog, Shadow and I got a Fred Flinstone punching bag (which you'll see in one of the videos). Wow! Talk about detail! Kristina was right on top of it as we have all mentioned these things at one time or another on the show and she remembered to a tee! We love these two and we're blessed to count them as our friends :-)