Christina Aguilera and her ex-husband, Jordan Bratman broke up going on two years ago but some of his stuff was still at Aguilera’s until she put her house in Beverly Hills up for sale. Bratman showed up with moving trucks to grabs the rest of his stuff. His belongings were to be out of the house by court order some time ago. It seems it took him two years.

This inspires my question to you. Not including divorce decrees or court ordered property division, after a break up did you get all of your stuff? Did you end up with some of your ex’s?

I know after my last break up, I ended up with two sweatshirts and a big gym bag and she ended up with a pair of my brown LL Bean shoes and maybe some other stuff I can’t remember. This was 14 years ago so not everything is so clear today. I just know about the sweatshirts because I’ve asked my wife if they were hers and nope I brought them and I know they weren’t mine. They’re men’s hoodies. So, what difference does it make? Well, you don’t ask your wife if something belongs to your ex is hers. Ooops! We’re alright! My wife Lynn just gave me an 'eye roll.'