No worries, no pet peeves here. :)

I was going through CNN's website trying to come up with something to write about and an article inspired this post. Facebook feed pet peeves. Things that come up in your feed that aren't serious enough to unfriend or hide someone but just make you shake your head or just irk you.

Facebook feed pet peeves. We all have them and do some. I really only have one. It’s the person who posts about only one thing, whether it’s political or other. The “one subject poster” gets very annoying. Whether I agree or not, that’s not the point. Please give me a variety of topics. Game invites that’s another gripe I have. So I guess I have two Facebook feed pet peeves.

Other examples; non-stop non-funny memes, constantly anger and negativity, and the worst, disturbing pictures of abused people and pets, there are other examples, I’m sure. I go to Facebook to get away from real life.

I know many of you probably don’t need to see anymore of my baby photos and video but tough, I’m continuing with those postings. Seriously, what are your Facebook feed pet peeves?