What a long, strange trip it's been.  While his 54 years in town government may not have been overly strange, it's certainly been a long haul for 84-year-old Don Giroux.

I hope Don got a plaque or, at the very least, a free t-shirt for his years of service. Jeez, had I known he was leaving after that kind of tenure, I would have gone over to Hillman's Bakery and bought him a cake...and I don't even live in Fairfield! Hey, Don, it's the thought that counts and I'm thinking about you, buddy. So, if a cake ever does show up, at least give me a call so I can come share a piece with ya!

Tracey Stevens is a wonderful person. That's a character reference. She's consciences and shows up on time to officiate weddings. That's a reference for her work ethic. Beyond that, I don't know a lot about her except she clearly has a good head on her shoulders and is ready to take on the daunting task of making sure the downtown remains vital and doing the best she can to see that the rising school budget doesn't cause taxes to go out of control. She's got my vote! Wait a minute, I don't live in Fairfield. Well, if I did, she would.

I didn't mention that Tracey was also elected council chairwoman. Way to go!!! Boo-yahhhhhh!

Good luck to Don and Tracey as they take on new stations in life and best of luck to the town of Fairfield. It seems you're in good hands. :-)