Have you always dreamed of a big 8,000 sqft house with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms sitting on a gorgeous well manicured 7 acres of land?  In your dream, did this house include a 7 (SEVEN) car garage?  How about in indoor pool?  Well, your dreams are about to come true!!  The house of your dreams is for sale in Augusta!

Actually, I've been in this house.  It was built less than 30 years ago, right next door to my grandparents.  The owners, have kids my age and when I would come visit during the summer time, I would go over and play with their kids.  I remember how BIG this house seemed to me, at only 7 years old.  The indoor pool seemed much much bigger to me and I also remember that they could change the sound of the doorbell.  It was magical!  To me, anyway.

I haven't entered this house in almost 30 years and it still seems just as magical every time I drive by it.  To me, it's the mansion of Augusta!  I mean, surely it's even bigger than the Blaine House where the Governor lives.

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