As children, we all get our dads some pretty horrible gifts, usually with the help of mom, right? "Look mommy, a pink tie with blue teacups on it. I bet daddy would love that!" "I bet he would," mom says, encouragingly, then proceeds to let you buy it. Come on moms out there. No! Dad will NOT like it. It's cute because it's from the kid but, really? Do I now have to wear that god-awful thing in public? Only once!

Fact is, according to research, ties are one of the most horrific things you can get dad for Fathers' Day, second only to....ta da...SOCKS AND UNDERWEAR! Please, just let me be a sockless, commando dad and get me some electronics, ammo or maybe even a certificate to Best Buy or Cabela's. I DON'T WANT ANY WHITE-WEAR!

One of the worst things you can do, however, is forget to get him anything. What a great way to say, "hey suck at being a dad. Have good one."

The best gifts, according to this study, are family pictures, hand made cards and time together with the family. Really, nothing beats those things. Well, maybe lunch at Hooters, but I digress.

Happy Fathers' Day!