I had to drive to Portland this morning for a Doctor’s appointment. Nothing to worry about. It was just a follow up to a physical I had back in October. Whenever I drive, I bring the GPS, not because I could get lost but more to explore the roads I wouldn’t normally drive. What are some of your favorite back roads or highways in Maine? One of my favorites is the stretch of 201 between Augusta and Gardiner. Love it especially coming into Augusta from Gardiner. The river is on your right. You can see the Capitol in the distance in front of you and there are lots amenities if you need them.

A close second is the piece of Rt. 2 that goes from Bangor to Old Town. I haven’t been that way in probably 15 years, but what a great drive. Another great ride I like to take is Rt. 1 from South Portland to Saco, but it's better in the summer. You have to have dinner at the Dunstan School House buffet in Scarborough.

1A from Brewer to Ellsworth is up there as a favorite. Rt. 202 from Augusta to Bangor is always a nice ride on a sunny day. I was just thinking about my favorite routes while driving in the car today as I took one, 201 from Gardiner to Augusta.