Well, finally we have a bit of warm weather and can finally get outside to do some spring things, like play some t-ball with little Evan James!

The lawn is drying up, the grass is greening up and Evan was ready to take a few swings. At five, he's still a little unsure about exactly what to do in this kind of weather but he definitely knows it's a little cold to go swimming or go in the boat. He did recognize it as good baseball weather, though.

For a little while today, we went out and he took some swings. He's great at hitting it off the tee but would rather have it pitched to him so Marie Anne (Mee Mee) obliged. Every time he connected, which was about every time, she went running. Not to brag, but any team is going to benefit from what this little guy can offer. Not that I'm partial!

Bottom line is, it's finally spring in Maine. Time to get ready for three months, give or take, of decent weather before fade away again for nine months. Enjoy every minute because, once its gone, it tends to take a fairly lengthy vacation!