As some of you may know, Keri and I had out engagement photos done this past weeked.. Well, some of them.

We will be doing several more shoots throughout the spring/summer with the one and only Thomas-John Veilleux, lifestyle photographer. You also probably see that I go flying a lot at the Augusta State Airport..well, John, our photographer, is also a pilot and is in the process of starting drone photography. Find him online by clicking here!. I would recommend this guy to anyone. And, in fact, we're doing several weddings together this summer as I am a wedding DJ. And you can find me right here. Shameless plug!

Enough about us, on to the pics! How do you think they came out? This is just a few shots of hundreds that were taken.

Evan as the drone was taking off! ^

Here's the whole group together! Drone shot! ^

I know this is only a few photos out of the hundreds I have talked about. But it's all in moderation! We'll release more as we get them back...