This is such an important week for those in need. All this week, until Friday mid-morning, there is a giant food drive going on in central Maine from our Townsquare Media sister station. There will be a tent set up next to the tank on the hill at Camp Keyes in Augusta. And if you are out doing some grocery shopping and you see the Maine Army National Guard at your local store with a truck, they are there accepting donations of non-perishable food items and cash.

The bulk of the non-perishable items will be split between the Waterville Salvation Army and the Augusta Salvation Army. The cash will be split among many of the local food banks and soup kitchens, like the Augusta Food Bank and the Sacred Heart Soup Kitchen in Waterville. All the groups that money and items will be going to are all very hard working groups, mostly of volunteers making life a little better for a lot of our friends and neighbors in central Maine.

Hey, we are getting into the holiday season, time to think even more about those in our communities that may not have enough food, and if you can pick up a few extras for Thanksgiving baskets or a few extra every day staples, like some peanut butter, and donate those that is wonderful. Not to be crass, but cash works well too. Cash is easy to store and when a food bank goes to buy from its suppliers, the buying power of a dollar will multiple many times over. You don’t think a dollar can make a difference, but when you donate a dollar to a food bank with the help of the Good Shepherd Food Bank  it can turn into 4 meals for the hungry people in Maine.