Now that is commitment.  Franklin County Sheriff Scott Nichols will be on the receiving end of a Taser Wednesday night at the Sheriff departments open house. Why? Well there are some very good reasons.

First of all, in order authorized to carry a stun gun, law enforcement officers need first to be shocked by the equipment. So, his second in command will help his boss out with that requirement. Using a Taser on your boss? Yes, you can make-up your own jokes.

Second of all, they will be meeting this requirement at the departments open house on Wednesday, Oct 2, at 4:30 pm. So residents get to see the sheriff tasered and will  give people a chance to see the new communication center, view equipment used by the department and meet deputies. At that time there will also be a swearing-in ceremony for sheriff’s deputies, who must be sworn in again, so will be part of the public event as well.

Gotta say, it sounds like a great idea to welcome in the community and show them about what the department is doing. I don't live in Franklin County, but I am thinking about taking the drive Wednesday afternoon!

Here are some fun facts I saw in the Morning Sentinel  about the Taser. It was designed in 1969 by Arizona inventor Jack Cover. He named it for si-fi character Tom Swift. Taser is an acronym Thomas A. Swift’s Electric Rifle. It is from the kids stories written in the early 20th century, one of  which was  “Tom Swift and his Electric Rifle."  There is your learning moment for the day! You are welcome!