Since Wild Blueberries are one of only 3 fruits native to North America (the other 2 are the cranberry and the wild grape), it should not be a big surprise that Maine has an entire theme park dedicated to blueberries!

According to the Atlas Obscura, the 7 acre park is covered with giant bouys painted blue so they resemble large blueberries.  There's also a mini golf course, a MASSIVE blueberry pie, and a bakery / store located inside a giant "blueberry".

Not a shocker, Wild Blueberry Land is run by a baker and a farmer:  Dell Emerson, a former researcher at the University of Maine’s blueberry farm (the only wild blueberry research farm in the U.S.), cares for the 220-acre Wild Wescogus Berries farm. Marie Emerson does the baking.

Check out some cool IGs: