You might remember Alice Willette and Gabbie St. Peter. They are second graders from the George J. Mitchell School in Waterville, who told us their story about a month ago. They had decided for their recent 8th birthday that instead of gifts that they would ask people to donate to the food pantry in their school. Who knew that their selfless act would generate such an outpouring of success. They have helped raise over $19,000.

Gabbie and Alice were recently honored at their school and they soon will get to visit Governor Paul Lepage at the Blaine House.

If you would like to make a cash donation, go here. They have also set up a facebook page.

The two youngsters are such an inspiration. What an example they are for all all of us. We were so proud to have them back in the studio to give us an update and to find out what's next.

Plus...Gabbie and Alice had a little fun singing in between questions!