When Sargent Isaiah "Ike" Peppard submitted the Gardiner Police for the honor of presenting the colors at Fenway Park, he certainly hoped but never expected to be chosen.  But then he got the call from the Red Sox organization and he let Chief James Toman know that on Friday, September 7th, Gardiner would be doing the honors before the Sox/Jays game.

Toman said that they planned a full dress rehearsal on Thursday afternoon and were headed down Friday, not in a limo or a cruiser, but a van that the Gardiner Boys And Girls Club is letting them use.  In addition to the chief and Peppard, the contingent will include Detective Michael Durham, Sgt. Todd Pilsbury, Patrolman Normand Gove, Patrolman Marcus Niedner and City Manager Scott Morelli (who will join the police as a representative of Gardiner).

If these guys are anything like me, they'll get a chill in their spines as their feet touch the hallowed ground of Fenway where so many legends have stood.