George Takei have a BIG place in my heart.  I love him from Star Trek, the many guest appearances on TV shows or how fun he is on Facebook. I like him, and I like what he is about.   Now, George it bringing a story to the stage about the interment camps in the United States in World War Two. The production is call "Allegiance". George was born a few years before the bombing of Pearl Harbor and when he and his family were released from the camps in Arkansas and California and allowed to return home, he was 8.  I like history. I watch a lot of history TV, I live with a WWII buff, my best friend is a history major.  I know a little about WWII.   I found is very interesting how little I knew about these Japanese-American internment camps. He gave an interview about the story and his past.   I would love to see this production that George Takei is brings "Allegiance" to life about this part of our history and the history of Japanese American in the 1940's.