First of all, let me say that Netflix is not free. You must either be a subscriber or on a trial. The rest of this is all FREE for the taking!

To get MORE from Netflix, you need to first download and install Google Chrome.

Next, in the upper right hand of the Chrome browser, click on what looks like a symbol for lines of text...this is where Google keeps the settings. Navigate down to "tools" and "extensions." At the bottom of the list that appears on the left, go down and click "more extensions" and then, type "hola," without quotations into the search. You'll see two options available (they both look like a little flame). I chose the one that has the most downloads.

Step 2

Once you find it, click on "+Free" then, when the pop-up box comes up, click "add" and it will install in your browser.

Step 3

Finally, open Netflix, sign in and look for the little flame symbol in the upper right of Chrome. Click on it and go down and choose "more countries." Choose the United Kingdom flag and you'll be good to go!

Step 4

You're welcome ;-)