Oh the last few days of vacation. How bitter sweet.  I will be honest; there is nothing better than not having to get up to an alarm clock for days on end. But I miss the fun we have at work!

I had a chance to see my Mother, do some reading, I avoided Black Friday like the plague and I saw some movies. But today I am back at the station for a little while, doing the fun stuff, hanging out with you on the air and posting at 92Moose.fm and on Facebook. I am taking Monday off to finish a project, but then, back to reality like the rest of the world, and the alarm daily at 3am! Thanks to Mac who is DA’MAN!  On top of all the other things he does every day, when I am away he does most of my work too. So thank you Mac. Hey, I am on 12-6p today.  Facebook me!  How has your Thanksgiving weekend been going? Did you shop Black Friday? Did you score and great deals?