I was a huge fan of 'Glee' when it first started in 2009. However, I lost interest when the show, I thought, became too racy. I know, I'm a prude, but c'mon, they're supposed to be in high school. As viewers we're supposed to ignore the fact that most of the characters are closer to 30 years of age than puberty, but I digress.

The music on 'Glee' is still great, but I just have a hard time watching. Now, after what the producers are being accused of during last night's (Jan. 24) show, I think I've watched my last episode.

Musician Jonathan Coulton back in 2005 put his own spin Sir Mix-a-Lot's 'Baby Got Back.' It is completely different from the original and very unique. Last night, the 'Glee' cast did their version and guess what? It was almost identical to Coulton's.

By the way, when Coulton heard about the producer's plan for the song on the show he contacted them, but received no reply. They went right ahead and aired the episode with no attribution whatsoever. When Fox TV finally contacted Coulton they essentially told him, according to uproxx.com, that he should be "happy for the exposure."

What do you think? Check out the video's below.