Recently we decided to bring back our freshwater aquarium after about two years of dormancy. A couple of years ago, something in the water balance went awry and the fish we had sadly passed, and that, coupled with the move caused us to empty the tank, clean it and store it.

We probably would have started the fish tank up sooner, but life is busy and we kind of figured the two cats were enough. It all started a few weeks ago with wanting to get Vikki a goldfish or beta in a small fish bowl for her room, but in the end it became bringing the 20 gallon tank up from the basement and starting the system up and getting community fish.

After making sure the tank was prepped for fish we went to a pet store to buy fish. As we're looking through the tanks we came across these new fish (or new fish to us) which are branded as GloFish. At first I think they look cool, but pass on them more or less because of price and not knowing how they'll acclimate to the tank with others.

After reading up on GloFish some, I'm kind of glad we didn't get any because they aren't naturally glowing, before buying any GloFish I wanted to do some research after seeing that they were branded. Yes, they are genetically modified and more or less created. I'm sure they're fine as pets but I'm kind of weireded out by them and concerned about genetically modifying nature in general. I understand that all of the fish supplied to pet stores are probably made to some degree and not all natural, however, in the case GloFish it is so apparent.

There are two sides to every story but I don't like the slippery slope.

I understand that probably I along with many others eat foods that are in someway modified but if it is wide open and in my face, nope, not for me.

Here is a video showing the promotional side; after watching, you decide.