Skowhegan Police Chief Mike Emmons has made a lot of friends over the years and, as his law enforcement resume' expands, so, too, will his circle of friends. Tuesday, the selectmen accepted his resignation. His last day in Skowhegan will be February 23rd

On February 25th, Emmons starts his new job as chief of police at the Department of Veterans' Affairs hospital complex at Togus. Being that he's a veteran himself, it seems like a pretty good fit plus it will get him back in the Augusta area and closer to children and grandkids.

At Togus, he'll oversee a department of 14 which is similar in size to Skowhegan's force although the budget is smaller and the duties are different.

Mike has also worked for law enforcement in Augusta, Wiscasset and Gardiner, where he was a D.A.R.E. officer.