Friday evening was the Grand Opening broadcast with Goodwill in Augusta. What an amazing store.  It is all the great stuff you go to Goodwill for, just more room for it. But two of the big changes I saw was they have a covered area to drop off donations and they have a big work area out back to sort and take care of those donations. But Goodwill is much more.

Goodwill is about making a difference. The new store is Energy Star compliant and has created a bunch of new jobs. They still have the Dell ReConnect Computer Recycling program and give recycled items a second life and out of the landfills. But the stores also help Goodwill in its programs that help people get and keep jobs. Goodwill has programs in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont that help individuals achieve economic and social independence. Goodwill is doing good stuff all around.

Goodwill also has information about how to make awesome Halloween costumes and be a fashionable customer of Goodwill!. Check out their entire site, you will learn a lot.