Today we took "Sweetie," our new cat to the vet for her free "welcome to our practice visit." We adopted "Sweetie" last Sunday at the Great Androscoggin Humane Society. When you adopt, you get a free visit to use within a week or two. We took "Sweetie" to our vet, "Thunder's" doctor, Dr. Rennix at the Poland Animal Hospital. I love them. If you live close to Lewiston/Auburn or Minot/Mechanic Falls, I would fully recommend them.

We're at the vet, Sweetie. It'll be okay.

It's a free visit, but they advise getting a stool sample checked, which made the visit $21, still inexpensive to know that your cat is healthy. We already had Revolution, a flea-repellant product they encouraged us to buy, so we were good to go. I didn't realize Revolution was more than a flea repellant, it also takes care of worms and ear mites. It's an all-in-one for your indoor cat.

The Doctor is going to squeeze and press you Sweetie, but no shots today.

As for the results, "Sweetie" is 9.1 lbs and 18 months old. The stool sample came back negative. She needs to go back in mid-June for a distemper booster, but she is a healthy cat overall. What I found interesting was that "Sweetie" came from Bangor and may have been a rescue from a hoarding case. Now I have visuals in my head of her crawling in ducts and through endless piles of trash. Yes, gross, but she is clean and healthy now and that's what matters.


Vikki and Sweetie expressing their thoughts.