I remember taking Dylan to his very first day of school at Lake St. School in Auburn back in 2004. Yes, 2004. Today Dylan and through the rest of the week he is back to school in a way. He has Edward Little High School (ELHS) marching band training or a.k.a “Band Camp.” I dropped him off at ELHS for the first time today.

I drove by the seniors painting their parking spaces. Yes Edward Little seniors have their own parking spaces decorated the way they want. We in school if we drove had to park on the street and in between periods had to move our cars a quarter foot or so so the chalk swipe on the tire and road didn’t match.

I’m hoping where Auburn only has one middle school that his transition will be easy. When I was his age there were two or three feeders into my high school. I told him about senior pranks like the “block” and getting wrong directions and also told him to talk to me about the darker issues like kids doing drugs or other substances.

Today it’s not just worrying about acid, weed, hash and alcohol it’s also worrying about drugs with cute or different names, like “bath salts”, “Molly”and “X” for example and told him to stay away from anything that looks like candy or jelly if he didn’t feel right about the situation. It’s so different today but the idea that remains the same is listening to your gut. If it doesn’t look or seem right it probably isn’t.

I hope I didn’t instill fear in him but you’re better off if you’re in the know. He’s a good kid and I want the best for him. If sure he’ll do fine in high school it’s just hard seeing him get more and more independent.