This is a follow up from a previous post. I moved from Martin’s Point in Portland to Poland Family Practice for a couple of reasons but primarily because of convenience. There are other personal reasons too but nothing against Martin’s Point. I would totally recommend them to anyone. My new place is great too. I had the initial “meet and greet” appointment this morning.  They even took me in early which is always great.

They took about an hour with me without more than a 2-3 minute wait between the nurse and Physician’s Assistant. I had the usual health questions asked of me. I gave the answers. After all the checks, both verbal and physical they found nothing wrong with me for the most part.  I did however leave with a lab work request for a metabolic blood test including a cholesterol and thyroid check.

The older I get it seems I’m not invincible like I was when I was young. At 41 it almost seems like I’m going through a change like but way different from when I was 12. Your body feels like it changes as you get older. I’m noticing it a lot in my skin. It’s getting thinner, looser and drier but oddly oilier in my face?

Off to the lab for blood work in the next few days. I hope my cholesterol is down from last time it was taken. Back in October, 2012 I believe my cholesterol was 329. I was told to eat better and exercise more. I’m hoping it was just a bad day back last fall.