As most in the area, I'm happy that the Red Sox won their series against Tampa in the ALDS, but this does lead into a problem. I'm attempting a playoff beard. I haven't shaved since the wild card play-in games. Normally I shave every three or four days out of laziness and to prevent skin irritation, but here's the thing, I've never really tried a real beard. Now I need your help.

I work with people so the "Grizzly Adams" or in 2013 terms, a "Duck Dynasty" type beard probably isn't the best look but when shaving your chin or neck, where do you stop? Do you use a razor and shave to right above your throat meaning where the neck meet the chin or do you go to the jawline? Do you use a razor and cream or electric?

More advice too would be helpful too as I'm a novice to this. Please disregard the messy hair. I will improve my appearance for the microphone this afternoon.