Let me start by saying, I’m writing this to find out if anyone else has ever gone through the same type of episode. It’s a bit like you’re in a haze and completely sober. Tonight it has been a bit of a difficult night to focus. I couldn’t even remember my Facebook password which I use rather often as you probably know. It’s like a spell where I’m scattered in the head with thoughts. My thoughts are familiar to something I may have experienced before or a dream. I guess it would be classified as having a déjà vous? I literally had to look at the computer screen to remember what year we’re in. I’ve had these spells before, albeit not often but on occasion. I’m not sure what they are. I will say this is first of these types of episodes in some time. My brain just loses focus on “the now” and veers off into places that I recall but can’t place in reality.

It’s like you’re in a familiar dream. It drives you crazy because you can’t place where or why it’s familiar. Not so much tonight but in the past, I’ve had this type of a spell to the point of almost passing out. It sometimes (but not tonight) comes along with blurry waves in sight and having to sit down out of fear of passing out. The last time this happened at work was back one night when ‘Roadhouse Lou’ a former coworker was on a live broadcast. As he returned from the broadcast I almost passed out. He got me water and I don’t remember whether that helped or not. I was probably 10 years ago?

Please, I’m okay. I’m just writing to find out if you, who are reading this have ever had a similar episode. I was told once that it sounded like I was coming down with a migraine headache but I’ve never achieved the pain. *knock on wood*

To simplify things, my mind went to a place where I couldn’t remember my Facebook password or the date/year. My brain went into a dreamscape of thoughts which seemed familiar to me but couldn’t place. It didn’t get this bad tonight, but I’ve had episodes where I’ve felt like passing out do to intense abstract thought. I say this being serious. I have NEVER taken any hallucinogenic drug EVER.

You can privately message me if this at all sounds familiar and you don’t want to the world to see on my Facebook. Love to know if this is common. If I hear nothing, I'll print this off for my Doctor. I’m going to be talking to her for my blood work results all the same soon.