Thyroid results

About six months ago I had lab work done and for the most part, all was OK, but my cholesterol was a bit elevated. So my blood was redrawn last week via my doctor’s encouragement.

Everything came back all right for the most part cholesterol was high again, this time at 220. I guess your cholesterol is supposed to be under 200.

One thing I wasn’t tested for back in October was my thyroid. It seems my thyroid is the potential culprit for the cholesterol levels and by the sounds of things, my caffeine intake as well. An underactive thyroid was the term used or it's called hypothyroidism. So the doctor is prescribing me a low dose thyroid hormone replacement medication. Reading my lab results, my thyroid is supposed to be somewhere between 0.34-4.82 and mine is 18.42.

She says the medication will help with feeling less tired and sluggish and may take care of a few other issues I having going on like muscle aches. I’m guessing the thyroid issue is hereditary.

A little more exercise, a little more whole grain and a little less sugary soda.Oh I don't have to eat a meal like I'm going into hibernation.