Wow, what a day so far. We started with wrapping up laundry to have clean clothes for the trip to Halifax and Edmundston. Took us an hour to pick out clothes to take but I think everything is packed and for the road tomorrow. Lynn and I had a quick lunch at about 10:30 and then it was off to the Portland Jetport to get the minivan rental. I don’t have a picture of it yet because of how quick the pick up was.

When the rental location was asking questions regarding add-ons, they asked if I wanted to prepay for gas, their price was $3.39 a gallon. I took the deal because that’s about 30 cents cheaper over the price on the street. The van is coming back with the gas light on baby.

It’s a black Chrysler Town and Country. It’s a pretty sweet looking ride. Lynn drove it home and I came to work. After work, I’ll get the suitcases and everything in order so all we have to do tomorrow morning is wake up, shower and go.

The drive to work on 295 from the Jetport was awful. From Tukey’s Bridge to almost the Yarmouth exit traffic was at a crawl. I thought there may have been an accident ahead. The good news is there wasn’t and accident but traffic was down to one lane because a guy stalled in left lane. Long and short I got to work at 2 pm and getting it gone on my last day before vacation.