Wow, what a weekend so far and it's not over yet. I went out Saturday morning to rake for an hour, then all of us got together to do yard work for the rest of the morning. We took a break for lunch at about 11 am then put Vikki down for a nap. Dylan our 13 year old watched her while we took off to drop Justin off at a birthday party and run a few errands. Dylan was awesome he brought the baby monitor outside and he clipped a ton of "prickly bushes" upon our return. We all put them in the fire pit and used them as kindling in for a bonfire.

Dylan helping with the new grill

At some point our backyard grill broke. A grill we bought back in 2009, I think, maybe 2010.  Anyway way too soon for paying $250-$300 just have it fall apart after three-four years. The bottom tray where everything collects fell to the ground without warning. So we decided to not go higher than $150 for a grill considering how disposable these things are and looked around town.

Burgers on the new grill.

We poked around looking at different stores and ended up buying one from Big Lots, a Thermos gas grill for $1.29. Seems alright but the true test will be how the food tastes at dinner tonight. And now that dinner is done, no complaints about the new grill.

The clean shed

As Sunday rolls along, there is more to do. This morning I started with a bit of housework then back out side for weeding and turning mulch. May buy some mulch, if needed? First spring I've ever had to do this whole outdoor yard detail. We finished taking out the empty raised beds by just taking out the wood and spreading the dirt. Fingers are crossed we'll get some grass growing, if nothing else maybe that slow growing weedy grass?

Dylan come across a tree on a path outback


I cleaned and organized the shed. Took everything out, and put it back nicely except for the table and chairs. The snow blower is now on the other side of the lawnmower with the weed-whacker and other summer equipment closer to the door. Today was a big sigh of relief, I think I can say spring is here.

Maine Chainsaw Narcissistacre

The kids explored the paths out back of the house for the first time this season. A number of trees fell on the paths over the winter. So they either had to be moved, axed or have a zap through with a chainsaw. With that done now the kids can ride their bikes freely outback.

It's summer at the house!

While out working in the yard today we met our neighbor to the left side of us. We're close to the couple on our right but today was the first time we really talked with the left side neighbors. They were polite, they asked they could ride their ATVs on the paths on our land. We were accepting with a condition a condition or two; just told them to be careful of the kids. I wish everyone would ask, I've seen bottles and other garbage lying around way in the back of the property. We have 3.6 acres but most of it is forest-like, but the paths are nice and even nicer trash free.

Vikki in the paths

At around 4:30 we started our brand new grill for the first time and worked like a charm. The burgers were good and everyone was happy and full.We're now winding down and getting ready to have a another bonfire and burn some more brush and twigs.