Al Messerschmidt, Getty Iamges

Tonight the MLB post season begins!! October, “Soxtober” whatever you want to call it, the TV will be on nightly with baseball. Ok, maybe in the bedroom or more realistically I’ll watch a few games and check in during commercials with TV shows the family wants to watch but here go my baseball playoff predictions.

Tonight it is the National League (NL) wildcard play-in game. It will be the Cincinnati Reds at Pittsburgh Pirates. How crazy is this, Pittsburgh is in the playoffs? And yes, I pick them to beat the Reds for the right to play St. Louis.

Tomorrow night it will be the American League (AL) wildcard play-in game. Terry Francona’s red hot Cleveland Indians at home vs. Tampa Bay Rays. This game troubles me because I want to see Francona vs. John Farrell in the Division series but I think the Rays will beat Cleveland. I hope I’m wrong but Tampa knows how to fight.

This brings us to the series brackets:

AL Division Series:
Tampa Bay Rays vs. Boston Red Sox. (Boston in 4)
Detroit Tigers vs. Oakland A’s (Oakland in 5)

NL Division Series:
Pittsburgh Pirates vs. St. Louis Cardinals (St. Louis in 4)
Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Atlanta Braves (Atlanta in 5)

Boston Red Sox vs. Oakland A’s (Boston in 6)

Atlanta Braves vs. St. Louis Cardinals (Atlanta in 5)

World Series:
Boston Red Sox vs. Atlanta Braves (Boston in 7)