I know it's my choice as to who I see as my Doctor but today I left my Doctor who I've had for the past 15 years. Why you ask? Well, you see when I moved to Portland back in 1998 I went looking for a Doctor and my Doctor at Martin's Point was accepting new patients. Fast forward to now, here's the thing, I moved from Portland to Auburn about 14 years ago.

So I started going to him and liked him. Great guy, Dr. Schirmer.  My last visit was a follow up to a cholesterol check back in December? Earlier this winter anyway. Very attentive and went the extra mile to answer question and get information.

I haven't lived in Portland since 1999 and have been traveling 50 minutes, 40 miles for every visit. I feel awful leaving Martin's Point but I just had to do it. I would recommend the facility highly and recommend Dr. Schrimer as well.

Why today? Lynn had an appointment at Poland Family Practice this morning and I went with her. I thought if I liked the place I'd join. While in the waiting room with Vikki I decided to sign the release and have my medial records sent from Portland to Poland. Poland is only about 5 miles from my house as apposed to the 50 minutes and not to mention that awful traffic on Washington Avenue between Exit 10 on I-95 and I-295

I'm seeing, Lindsay Shinners, PA-C moving forward. Lynn likes her and Lynn's a good judge of character, so I'll buy in. I also like St. Mary's Medical Center, so this place will be a good fit.