June 18th holds a special place in my heart because it was on this day back in 1998 Lynn and I had our first date. It's crazy to think how long it's been since that day. Just think it was only months after the ice storm. We met working for a radio station on Washington St. in Auburn. She was the receptionist among other titles and I was the overnight DJ.

For days leading up to June 18th she always called me, "Crash" and that's because I got into an accident with the station van at the Auburn rotary earlier in that month of June. I say she was flirting with me, but she denies it.

So one day, we're in the smoking area of the building, yes in 1998, you could still smoke inside. Albeit in the basement of the building, but anyway we're there having a butt and I could tell Lynn liked me by the way she way she looked at me. I certainly was all about her, the most fun and adorable girl I had known. She was 21 and a half, she always had to add the half, and I was 26. I said to Lynn that day, we should do something, she replies with "I have movie passes." So after 2pm, when her day was over and mine was too, I took her out for a drive.

We drove down Washington to Center St. and off towards Turner. I remember we kissed for the first time at a stop sign somewhere on Rt.  219 on the drive. We continued with our cruise, where we ended up at the station's transmitter site in New Gloucester. Back during the ice storm of 1998 that station's stick came down and by June a new one was being built. Lynn and I wanted to check out the progress so we go. Plus I had never been on the grounds and wanted to see from where we were beaming.

What I didn't realize about the grounds was how secluded they were except for a building about a football field away through trees. So looking back, this was sort of our version of "Inspiration Point." After some romance at the transmitter, we ride off to Pizza Hut on Center St.,  which at the time was located in the same plaza as Bed Bath & Beyond and Flagship Cinemas in Auburn. We ate and then I took her home before heading to my place in Portland.

We never did go to the movies with those movie passes but I had the best summer with her flirting, dating and doing events. She would complain about my driving and continue to call me "Crash." Working at that station lead to a marriage a few later and three wonderful kids. So no complaints.

This post has been "wife approved."