On October 12, 2012 I made a commitment to quitting for six months no matter what. Hoping that would propel me into the “forever quit.” Why was my goal to myself only six months? At the time it was autumn and we were going into the winter and heating season. More over, it was the right thing to do for our kids and to set an example as they grow up. Also everyone was bugging me to quit. I gave into pressure when I started and did the same when I quit. I couldn’t and can’t hook into this “never again” concept. So it was mini goals, day to day and the large goal was six months. My next goal is to make it a year.

Now looking back on what I’ve saved in money and time, I’m pretty proud of myself. This means I’ve probably not smoked 100 packs, 2000 cigarettes. That’s probably $650-$700 not spent on cigarettes.

Trust me I still have occasions where I want a cigarette but the cravings are further apart and easier to battle. Since we’ve made it through the expensive part of the year without smoking, I will continue through the less expensive part of the year and not smoke. I’m on a roll. And besides I don’t want to see or hear any, “but you were doing so well” or “what happened, why did you start back up?” type comments.

The longer I go not smoking the more unappealing smoking looks and seems at least physically. Still emotionally it can be tempting but I refrain. I don’t even know where I’d fit smoking into my day now. Five minutes here, five minutes there, after about 10-15 cigarettes you’re out an hour. I have filled those breaks in with working I suppose. I could just be busier than I used to be?

Now it’s talking on the sugar, carbs and this crazy idea of exercise. One week in on my thyroid meds. I feel mostly the same; maybe slightly more in tune with my body again? But that’s another post for another day.