Friends from Halifax, whether they currently live there or not, often ask me if I’d ever move back. I’ve been away for going on 20 years and on occasion go back and visit but would I go back permanently?

First of all this is a total hypothetical as my family and I are Americans. My wife and I have ties to Canada, but neither of us has ever been nor is Canadian. So logistically it would look tough to achieve such a jump in life.

OK, so dismissing the above paragraph, I would never say never regarding moving back but, we’re a family planted in Auburn now. The kids are in school and have friends who I would never want to take them away from. It would take a job offer so tempting it would be silly to turn down.

Life in Halifax has benefits like any other good sized metropolis but so does Auburn. I at times miss my hometown but it’s not just about me alone. I have four other people to consider so until it’s a unanimous vote we’re here to stay.

How about you? Did you move away for work or a new life and would you move back to your hometown?