My son celebrated his 12th birthday today! Happy Birthday, Justin. Born, Saturday, January 12, 2002 at St. Mary's Medical Center during a snowstorm at 2:12 pm. The labor and delivery were quite short. Not even time for the epidural.

I had been through the experience once before at this point and better knew my role as a companion in the delivery room. Or I thought I did, I certainly didn't have a large coffee before going to the delivery room.

The number one song on January 12, 2002 was, "How You Remind Me" by NIckelback and the biggest movie at the box office that day was 'Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring'.

Today we celebrated with family and close friends. Lynn made one of Justin's favorite meals, homemade pizza. Justin received a good sum of money and Nerf bullets for his guns he got for Christmas, a New York Yankees fan kit (I know, I'm not happy he's an NYY fan either), a couple of iTunes/app store gift cards and from the parents (us), a DC zip-up, cap and a couple of other things.

We finished the night off with cake and conversation while Justin, Dylan and Vikki went off and did their own thing. It was a pretty fun night and Justin is happy.