The saga continues at home redoing the kids’ bedrooms. First Vikki's room and now we’re onto Dylan’s room. Except for a second coat of green on the inside of the door and window sill, the painting is complete. While the room is empty for the most part, we’re also stripping and staining his floor.

The previous owners painted the floor in what looks like a four square or a giant checkerboard, maybe it was an early 80s or 70s dance floor?  Dylan's floor has white, blue, red and brown paints. Maybe a child in the room was an artist and their canvas was the floor?

Hopefully the floor job on Dylan’s room will be complete by Friday. Then this weekend we can tackle Justin’s room. What is a good way to get paint off a floor? We tried this eco-friendly stripping gel. That stuff didn’t really take the paint off. We bought two bottles of this stuff. The second bottle is going back. This morning we bought an electric sander. (Thinking that was the one in the link?) Hoping it would make this job easy. It worked with a very coarse sanding pad on some of the paint, but it is just very time-consuming.

Back to Lowe’s we went for a caustic, acidic eye and hand-burning stripper. Oh yeah, the kind that you have to hide if putting the empty container in the dumpster. (Not that I would ever do that) So, the job continues today into tonight. Sadly it’s my poor wife who’s got stripping, sanding and finishing duties as I am here playing the hits.

Some pictures of the “before” attached here, the complete after when it’s all complete, hopefully by Friday.