The chaos upstairs for now is done. The boys' rooms are complete except for work on Dylan's floor but it will get done "in due time" as people who to try calm you down often say. It has been one crazy week in more ways than one but as far as the kids' rooms makeovers went. It's all complete.

Justin's room need a little reinforcement behind where the previous owner had paneling. Used a bit joint compound but thankfully that was cheap and easy to apply. The sanding was awful. Up until about suppertime we were wiping down the boys furniture and whatnot.

Took all of yesterday to paint Justin's room because we ran out of paint twice. Ran out of both white and blue at different times so we had to go back to the store and get more, twice. I'll be the guy with 15 half gallons of stored different colored paint in the basement. Justin and Dylan's room wall colors are "cobalt blue" but they're just really a straight kindergarten pure primary blue.

For amateurs doing it on the cheap, I think we did quite well. we're leaving the tools in the upstairs bathroom for the night and putting them away tomorrow. We're just going to relax from now until bedtime.