Some who are paying attention may know that I have an infatuation with Katy Perry. To be totally honest it is mostly an ongoing bit. A shtick if you will. Do I think she is adorable and gorgeous, yes! Do I think she is talented? I think she is as talented as your average pop star.

Hard to believe it was five years ago today that she was at #1 with her first hit, “I Kissed A Girl.” I like “Firework” because I like the message, own your oddities, flaws and promotes binge yourself. No one else can be you.  I think “Last Friday Night” is a blast because who hasn’t acted stupid in their fun younger days. “Teenage Dream” the song is catchy as they come. I also did rent ‘Part of Me’ the movie which I will say was okay.

On October 22nd she has a new album coming out entitled ‘Prism.’ To promote it, there is a big rig billboard traveling across the country.  A few days ago Katy Perry posted a video of herself burning her blue wig and today put out a video of herself at a funeral for her candy coated past. Both videos are teasers for 'Prism.'So it sounds like that she’s changing her image and style. I think it’s time too.I hope new new album has deeper lyrics as well. And yes, I think you're pretty without any make-up on. The first single, "Roar" will impact radio and other media on August 12th.

In closing I just want to say, I like Katy Perry for radio, pop culture and as a celebrity for gossip but my undying love for her is 90% a bit.